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If we search the word ‘seo tips’ in Google, you can find a lot of information about it. But lots of the information has not been tested in a real work situation. So we want to share several seo tips you should use or avoid and all the tips have been proved to be effective in our work. BestEast Inc, offer the most professional SEO services. If you have any problem please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help you.
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How to choose the keywords effectively?

Three SEO tips for you to choose the keywords:
1. The keywords should be related to your site’s content. Through the words customers can easily find what they are interested in.
2. Don’t choose the word covering a wide range broad, because there are too many people choose it as their keyword. Otherwise you will face fierce competition with others.
3. Choosing the main keyword stand on the customers’ point. If you were a customer, which word you’d like to use searching for your product.

How to optimize the keywords?

Nine SEO tips for you to optimize the keywords:
1. You should choose keywords, and make the keywords appear in the page’s URL. (In English)
2. Make the keywords appear in the page’s title. (You’d better control the density in 1-3%)
3. Make the keywords appear in keywords tags. (You’d better control the density in 1-3%)
4. Make the keywords appear in description tags. (The main keywords repeat 2 times.)
5. Make the keywords appear in H1, H2 tags.
6. Make the keywords appear in the Anchor text.
7. If your page has pictures, make the keywords appear in the picture’s filename and ALT-tags.
8. The content must have the keywords and the density should be controlled in 6-8%. (It would be much better if the first paragraph and the last paragraph have the keywords.)
9. You also can just make the keywords in bold or italic.

What can I do if I need to optimize my page content?

Six SEO tips for you to choose the keywords:
1. Write the content by yourself instead of copying others.
2. Make the page’s content different from other pages 30%.
3. Keep every page has 1000-2000 characters, paragraph the articles reasonable.
4. Renew the content regularly, update daily will be perfect.
5. The content must be related to your keywords and the whole site.
6. Every page has a comment function. This will do help to make the keywords appear in customers’ comments.

How to increase the backlinks?

Three SEO tips to increase the Backlinks
1. Blogroll/friendly links, you can just link to other related sites or you make links with each other.
2. Just submit your site to some industry directories. Many websites under the directories can know your site and visit your site, So do other visitors. And finally it can increase the traffic of your website.
3. Writing cathedratic articles. Just like when you see some wonderful things you just want to get them. When you see a good article in someone’s site or blog, you also want to copy it to your site or blog. If you write some cathedratic articles there will be so many people to copy yours and they will build links with your site.

What should I avoid during my SEO work?

Four SEO tips you should avoid:
1. Put too many advertisements in your website which would make the visitors feel uncomfortable. This is bad for your website’s traffic, because the visitors would leave your site so quickly.
2. Update your website irregularly. A regular update is good for your pagerank.
3. Seo cheats, such as keywords overlying, link farm. These can make your site be punished by the search engine.
4. Your site content has little relationship with your keywords.

What are the common methods that black hat always using?

Five tips that Black hat always using:
1. Keyword stuffing – it means the author put lots of keywords in his article. As a result it would make the search engine ignore other content.
2. Spam links – As all webmasters know ‘link’ is an important factor to the search engine optimization, many of them spend a lot of time on increasing the site links through BBS, blog and so on, but neglect the quality of the links. These will bring about spam links. And these will be hated by visitors, so do the search engines. Spam links are really bad for the optimization.
3. Doorway page – it is a page just makes for the search engines. Through keyword stuffing, spam links etc, visitors can get this page by search engines. Then the page can turn to the target page that the webmaster really wants the visitors to see. This method has already been recognized to be SEO cheat. And it will sure be punished by the search engines.
4. Hide keywords – it is a common method and many webmasters always use. Although the hided keywords are suitable to the site and have little influence on the visitors’ reading, search engines dislike webmasters use this method to optimize their sites.
5. Duplicate content – many people often copy wonderful contents they have seen in other place to their own sites. The search engines hate this, and they regard duplicate contents as supplement. It does little to the site’s optimization.

What should I know if I want to get my domain registration?

Four SEO tips For Domain Registration:
1. You can only register those domain names which don’t exist.
2. The domain name shall include alphabets, Arabic figures and subtraction sign only.
3. The subtraction sign can’t show in the first or the last.
4. The length of domain name is up to 63 characters.

What is a sitemap? Why I need make a sitemap for my site?

Sitemap is actually a page on your site that showed people where all the other pages are, usually in some short of graphical flow chart fashion.
Most sites have grown considerably beyond being representable on a map, but they have found a new lease on life thanks to web crawlers. Submitting a sitemap XML file to the search engines helps them to understand how to crawl and index all of the pages, including the frequency changes of the site.
Many people don’t want to make a sitemap for their sites, because they have to do this manually since it has to be updated every time a new page is added. If you really don’t want to do this, take a look at automated tools that will do it and submit the update.