Web Design
Web Design ServicesSuccess on the Internet is not just about "putting up a website". It's about building an effective online marketing solution, exposure your face. You may have some friends or competitors; they had very bad experience with their own website, and would suggest that it totally not works.
Finally, they either concluded that the website didn't work because they set up a website which got nearly no traffic, or the web contents and pictures are absolutely not attractive to convert the visitors to real customers, or they figure "I have a yellow pages advertising, I did business in this way for ten years, I don't need a website."
Yes it happens if you don’t work it in “right” way. Don’t give up any chance that helpful for your business. To avoid above failures, all your need is just a PARTNER, who have enough marketing sense, professional IT technique knowledge and strong design ability, and know deeply you and your customers needs, to save your time, money and to explore the correct way for you.

To save your money and development time we recommend three basic types of website to meet your different needs:

Rocket Package
Customized Static Content Website
The Package includes:
1. Domain like .com/.net
2. Website server space on Advanced Server. (50MB)
3. Template designs (up to 5 templates, including Company Introduction, Sales Region, Products, Contact, ect.)
4. Static page design (up to 20 pages)

Web Design Template 1
Satellite Package
Customized CMS Website
The Package includes:
1. Create by .NET technique and SQL Database
2. Website server space on Win2003+IIS
3. Domain like .com/.net
4. Template design
5. Static page design (up to 20 pages)
6. Custom-made Functions:
a. News system b. Product show syste c. Advanced product search d. Product order online e. Corporation blog f. Others custom-made

Web Design Template 2
X-ray Package
SEO Structured Website
and Maintenance
The Package includes:
1. Domain like .com/.net
2. Custom website design
3. The Website promotion, including SEO and advertising solution
4. The Website maintenance and update.

Web Design Template 3